Welcome to the fourth day of the "What to Wear for Baseball Games" series. Following the American League theme we have, today is all about Yankee Outlet. As a baseball fan, you either love Americans or hate Americans. There is no between the two, I mean there is no between the two. Because I never grew up in or near New York, I hate the Yankees. I hate everything about them, especially because they will beat my team and win everything. But living in New York makes it more difficult to deal with them. Everyone here is a lifelong, multi-generational fan, and they are everywhere. But I am good because I can communicate with the best of them.

The Yankees also have some classics. That is the source of this equipment. If I don't like the Yankees, then what I hate most is that it cheers for your team and wears their colors...not even in the game. I mean, if I want to participate in a Yankee game with Yankee fans at Yankee Stadium, then I will represent the Yankees there is nothing more classic than the all-white Yankee Pants Outlet. Brown leather belt. It is clean and wonderful, and shows some classes in a flashy way, just like the Yankees. I paired the outfit with navy/white Jack Rogers again (note: the Yankees are navy, not black), because what else can be more classic than Jacks? No. I tell you, they are the heads of the baseball game. On hot days, I would change my jeans for some white shorts. It's very simple. Be careful when loading hot dogs not to spill them all. That sucks.

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